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All About Luxury Travel From An Expert

Ia Orana again! Today I wanted to talk a bit more about what to expect from me every week as we go over how this blog will benefit you, including tips and tricks, answers to your most burning questions, cool cultural customs, comfort content, and inspiration for your next vacation. Tune in to be enveloped in a realm of wonder as I take you on a virtual journey across the world.

My name is Lindsey, and I am a luxury travel agent who has a deep love of Greece, Tahiti, Hawaii, Fiji, and the United Arab Emirates… and also sunsets, cats, coffee and cooking, but that’s for another time. Let’s get into it!


Lose yourself in the crystal blue waters of Maldives, fantasize about pampering yourself with Tahitian oils at a spa, or watch the colorful sunset in the heart of Greece as you learn about its rich ancient history. Just because you aren’t there at this moment doesn’t mean you can’t be there in the future. Let me take you on a luxurious virtual journey across the world as you learn about different cultures, customs, and locales.


You ask, I answer. Conversation is heavily encouraged. I want to know all your burning questions — feel free to either comment below or email me with anything and everything you want to know.

Fun Facts

Learn about the best islands to visit in Hawaii, the most beautiful areas in Fiji, or the tastiest meals in the United Arab Emirates. Luxurious amenities, adventurous excursions, and the best spas around the globe await you as you learn about cool cultural customs and fun facts about them. There are a lot of awe-inspiring places and traditions in the world and I want to bring them to your screen – from the coasts of Costa Rica to the Lunar New Year celebrations of China.

Travel Stories

Read travel stories from personal experiences of my own or even from fellow readers – to local secrets and stories told by people from around the world. Stories connect us all and keep us enriched by their experiences… or they’re good for a much-needed laugh. Let these stories connect us together as we share how travel has impacted our lives, in both small ways and big.

Tips & Tricks

And of course, how-to travel guides from what to pack for a World Cruise to what hand signals to avoid in Dubai — all from a luxury travel specialist who has industry connections, expert knowledge, and wants to make things as smooth, informative and exciting for readers as possible. Because after all, we’ve all gone on a trip to someplace new before — why wouldn’t we want the most reliable information we can get our eyes on?

Ready for bliss?

Subscribe or favorite the Sun Bliss Luxury Travel Blog to join me across the globe for comfort content, informational articles, and answers to questions you didn’t even know you had — travel is important to us, and if you’re still reading, we know it’s important to you, too.

If you have ideas, feedback or requests, comment below or email me to let me know! I would love to hear from you.

Wishing you bliss,

—Lindsey, the Sun Bliss Luxury Blogger


Ia Orana! My name is Lindsey and I am a luxury travel specialist from Minnesota. I have trudged through blinding white winters, trekked through state fairs during horrid humidity, and come out the other end looking for a more blissful day in the sun. My agency is Sun Bliss Travel, which uses its industry connections and specialized knowledge to design magical luxury vacations for travelers who want unforgettable VIP experiences.

But I am not just an agent or a (woman-led) small business owner — I’m an avid traveler myself who loves sunsets, cats, coffee and cooking. I live in Minnesota with my adorable fiance and together we’ve built a life full of love, fun and bliss.

Check out my Travel Agency here: Sun Bliss Travel

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